10 Tips on How to Choose the Perfect Wedding Venue

September 23, 2022

Where do you even start when it comes to deciding how to pick a wedding venue? It is one of the first and most important steps in the wedding planning process. The venue you select for your wedding day really sets the tone for your event. When it comes time to look for a wedding venue the idea can seem very daunting. In this blog, we have pieced together advice on what to consider when selecting the place that’s just right for you and your special day.

1. Budget / Cost:

There’s nothing more disappointing than finding your dream venue but then realizing that it doesn’t fit into your wedding budget. Think about how much you’re willing to spend on the whole wedding and how much of that should be spent on the venue specifically. Some venues might provide some important event services already in their price quote while others might charge extra for these services. If you have to rent tables, chairs, and other key elements, expenses can add up quickly. Your budget will typically be the leading factor in choosing a wedding venue that’s right for you. Sometimes Friday and Sunday weddings as well as off-season weddings can yield a lower price tag, so keep that in mind as well.

2. Availability:

If you're dead set on a certain wedding date, start looking for a wedding venue as soon as possible. Wedding venues typically fill up fairly quickly if they are a more popular venue. If you're more flexible on your wedding date, this usually gives you a few more options but don’t wait too late to start looking!

3. What is your Wedding Theme?:

When looking for a venue keep in mind what theme you're going for. For example, if you're looking for a more rustic wedding then don’t book a luxurious ballroom. You want to consider how all the elements of your wedding are going to fit together, from your venue to the decor, colors and menu selections.

4. Come Up with an Estimated Guest Count:

Every wedding venue has a capacity—a firm number of guests that it can comfortably hold. This number is usually not flexible, so make sure you have a very good estimate on how many people you will be inviting. If you choose a venue that has a maximum capacity of 250 and 250 guests arrive, you may think it feels crowded. Your guests may end up bumping elbows at the dinner tables and on the dance floor. On the flip side, having a venue that’s too large with a smaller guest list can make the place seem a bit empty. Having an estimate of how many people will attend your celebration is also key in figuring out how tables will be arranged and how best to utilize your available space.

5. Do you want your ceremony and reception in the same or different places?:

While it's certainly convenient to have everything at the same venue, some couples prefer to have the two events in separate spaces. Often, this is done so the couple can host their ceremony in a house of worship, followed by a celebration at a wedding reception venue. It's important to decide whether you'll want a single ceremony and reception venue, or separate locations for each event. If you decide to have the ceremony and event at the venue, make sure they offer options for both indoors and out in case the weather is bad.

6. Consider Accessibility:

Be sure to consider the needs of all your guests when looking at wedding venues. Check and ask how accessible the facilities are, including the accessibility of entrances/exits(is there a ramp), elevators, bathrooms, and parking. If any grandparents or elderly are in attendance, you want to make it as easy as possible for them to enjoy themselves.

7. Parking Options:

Depending on where your wedding venue is located, it’s important to check if there are good parking options or how accessible it is to get a ride. Ask about how many parking spaces there are and if guests would need to pay for parking. If you're worried about parking being a hassle with limited parking options for guests, you can consider hiring a bus to bring people to and from the venue. Just make sure you add this expense into your wedding budget!

8. Is There a Dance Floor?:

While visiting a venue check or ask if there is a dance floor already or if one will need to be rented, which again can add up on your list of expenses.

9. Curfew Or Noise Restraints?:

Some venues have strict rules about how noisy you can be. Make sure to ask if there are any noise restrictions. Outdoor venues may enforce quiet hours after a certain time out of respect.

10. Easy Set Up And Takedown?:

Another detail to consider is how the setup and breakdown process works and how much time you’re allowed. Are you only allowed an afternoon to arrange tables, and put up decor? Does everything need to be removed by 12 am after the celebration or by 11am the next morning? Make sure you ask about setup and takedown in advance.

There are many different factors to consider when looking for that perfect wedding venue. It's important to ask yourselves what feels authentic to you both as a couple, and to choose a space that fits all your needs and budget" Just remember, while a venue might have looked gorgeous with a different theme, it may not be the perfect one for your needs and wants.

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