5 Things People Regret After Their Wedding Day

5 Things People Regret After Their Wedding Day


As a professional wedding photographer and videographer, I often hear brides explain their biggest wedding day regrets. Here are some of the things they wish they would or would not have done on their wedding day.

1. Not hiring a videographer

I often try to talk my couples into doing videography for their wedding day…only for the reason I know they will regret not doing it. I understand, you're on a budget and you just might not be able to fit videography in. If my couples have a tight budget, I recommend they at least get the ceremony videoed. There have been more times than I can count where my couples have said to me “Omg, we should have had a videographer for our wedding. I wish we would have just done it!” Always remember that photos and videos from your day are going to keep that special day alive. I’m so glad that we did video for our wedding. The day flew by so fast that it's hard to remember everything. I love watching our highlight video over and over again, it just brings the day to life.

2. Inviting people you don’t want there

You feel obligated to invite people because you don’t want them to feel left out even though you don’t really want them at the wedding. Don’t do it. Once you say yes to one, it’s a domino effect. As a reminder, you are paying for these people. Don’t invite anyone you wouldn’t pay a surf and turf dinner for.

3. Drinking too much

I get it. Your wedding calls for a big celebration but don’t get too carried away. Be conscious of how many drinks or shots you're downing. It’s easy to get carried away. This is your special day, you will want to remember as much of it as you can.

4. Getting some alone time with your spouse

Some people take advantage of this during a first look, but if you’re not doing one of those, make sure to take some time for just the two of you after the ceremony even if it’s just 5-10 minutes. Typically, I give my couples time by themselves after the first look or after bride and groom photos. Some couples don’t seem to care the day of but some share that they wished they would have spent a little time alone. Spend a moment together before the dancing turns your legs to jelly and impotence from alcohol kicks in.

5. Not hiring a pro

We all have budgets. We all have priorities for that budget. But even if you think you don’t care about [insert your lowest priority here] I would ask you to consider how you would feel if that thing went wrong. Hair can come undone, makeup can melt off your face. Food can make people sick. Cakes can fall during the course of the day. And photos. Photos are a big one here. Many people don’t consider hiring a pro photographer because they hate being in front of the camera or they are not photo people. But your wedding, whether you like it or not, may be one of the only opportunities for pictures of the ones you love.

I see this on social media ALLL the time, couples are unhappy with their wedding photos because they didn’t hire a professional. Trust me, at the time it might not really matter to you but after you receive blurry, off color photos back…you will certainly regret it. Before you dismiss something, make sure you consider the worst possible outcome of it going wrong.

Now that you know 5 wedding regrets that a majority of couples have, you have the opportunity to avoid these yourself before your wedding day. Weddings are never perfect, and things can and will go wrong but just make sure you enjoy your day and have those special photos and videos to cherish afterwards.

We are a husband and wife professional photography and videography team of 9 years. If you're interested in inquiring about our photography and videography wedding packages please email me with any questions you may have!

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