Exploring the North Shore of Minnesota

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               I honestly have never had a reason to go to Minnesota before. I mean it looks basically like Wisconsin...just colder. When I started talking to this photographer from MN though that kinda changed things lol. After a week of Matt and I talking, I had also received the news that my friend decided not to go to Indonesia with me. I was a bit disappointed but needless to say, that didn’t stop me. My mother frowned at the thought of me going to another country alone. Even though Matt and I had never met in person, I immediately thought of him since he is a photographer as well. We planned on meeting up at the end of September in Minnesota to go further up north to the North Shore, to catch some fall colors and to make sure we were both sane.

                  On September 30th, Matt and I headed to Duluth. It was a very cold, foggy and rainy day but we had plenty of things to talk about to make the day go by. Our plans to shoot the lift bridge in Canal Park were thrown out the window when thick fog rolled in off of Lake Superior. We decided to stay inside the hotel and work on planning out the Indonesia trip. The next day, Matt tried to kill me. He took me to a place out in the middle of nowhere and….just kidding lol. But he did take me on a 6.5 mile hike. The fall colors were in full swing as we hiked Bear and Bean Lake. Matt and I had a blast taking photos along the way and chatted as we trekked through mud. After hanging out at the overlook and taking our fair share of photos we decided to head back to the truck to check out a couple more areas before it got dark. Afterwards we headed over to Oberg Mountain to meet Matt’s friend, John, who also does photography for fun. My plan was to fly my drone for sunset photos but it wouldn’t take off the ground….which may have had something to do with a recent tree incident in Colorado...opps. Matt let me try out his drone which was 100 times easier to control than mine. I knew it was time to look at getting a new drone and support the economy lol. Later on we hung out in John’s truck camper where it was nice and warm and chatted about traveling.

                  The next morning came early for us since Matt had a brilliant idea to wake up at 5am for sunrise. We drove to Caribou Lake and met up with John and hiked only a few minutes to our spot. After setting up our cameras on tripods we jumped around to stay warm and enjoyed the peacefulness. After sunrise we said goodbye to John since he was headed home and we continued our adventure to Grand Marais. We checked out the lighthouse and hiked out to Artist's Point and took some photos. After getting fuel for the truck and ourselves we decided to check out a fire tower near the Canadian border. What should have been a simple trip ended up becoming a bit of an adventure. This consisted of driving through 18 inches of water plus mud over a washed out road. Thankfully the truck had no issues with it. Once we reached the tower, we grabbed our cameras and climbed 300 ft to the top of it while it swayed in the wind. It was a bit windy and cold as well! After we couldn’t feel our fingers we decided that was enough of that. Matt showed me a few other neat places, then we headed back to the hotel for more trip planning.

                        Our last day on the North Shore, we hung out at Tettegouche State Park and photographed the waves as they crashed against the cliffs of Lake Superior. Little did we know that the one rock formation that we photographed would collapse a few months after this. Feeling like an icicle, we drove 30 min to wait for a ship to sail into the bay at Two Harbors. Matt and I stayed there for a good two hours watching the ship come in and snapping some photos. As daylight faded, we quickly realized how fast the past few days went and how we weren’t ready to go back yet. As dusk approached we headed back to the truck for the 3.5 hour drive back to Matt’s.

               Well to sum things up, we hit it off and were super excited to go to Indonesia together in a few weeks! Stay tuned for my next blog about Indonesia!

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