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What to Wear for Your Family Portraits This Summer

June 08, 2022

              Remember those family portraits where everyone is wearing the same outfit? Maybe it’s a family portrait with everyone wearing white shirts and jeans. Those days are long gone!

             Now, we always plan family portrait sessions with the end goal in mind! If this portrait hangs on the dining room wall for years to come, we want to make sure it compliments your home. Yes, fashion trends come and go, but we can choose outfit pieces that look amazing together and will stand the test of time.

5 Tips to Answer What Should Your Family Wear

1. Start with Mom’s Outfit

              Think of your outfits as building blocks. Start with one outfit and build upon it. My recommendation is to start with mom(or daughter), since women’s clothing tends to have more prints and colors. I recommend wearing dresses or skirts that are mid to full length. This enables us to do more poses such as sitting on the ground.

2. Choose Comfy and Cute

             This is true for any portrait, but especially if you have kiddos, you don’t want to stuff them in something uncomfortable or that they hate wearing. If your daughter is a tomboy, then let’s not make her wear a dress! They won’t feel comfortable or happy, and you know what that means! We can create an outfit so that your child looks and feels great and shows off their personality!

3. Think Muted Colors

             This portrait is about capturing your beautiful family just the way they are right now. Think about the style of photo you want and plan outfits accordingly. Choosing neutral colors (creams, tans, light browns, greys, and navy) gives a classic, elegant look to your portraits. Avoid overly saturated and bold colors, as they distract. Look for MUTED versions of the same color. For example, if you have a bright pink shirt, try a muted dusty rose instead.

4. Add Accessories and Fun Layers

              Layers and accessories are a fun way to showcase your family’s personality! Maybe this is a cute headband or bow on your daughter or a nice jacket for dad or a shawl for mom. I love when an accessory has special meaning too!

5. Try On Your Outfits Before the Session

            Try on your clothes well in advance so you can switch it up if something isn’t working or if something doesn’t fit quite right. Look at your outfit from different angles and move around to make sure it works for photos.

Schedule Your Family’s Summer Portrait Session

              I love helping my clients with wardrobe questions before their portrait session. I always make recommendations based on the session location and season. My calendar is booking fast, but I have some availability! Get in touch today.

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